VetGR is here to add value, offer recovery, and grow significance for our veterans. Our organization is leading the way in veteran assistance by offering top programs, led by top professionals, while showing the veterans the upmost respect and gratitude. 

VetGR guests take part in a holistic one year program of GROWTH and RECONSTRUCTION. Guests will take part in 24 PTSGR sessions with Mental Health Director Dr. David Beach D.Min where they are guided through their shattered assumptive world into their new life of significance.

VetGR guests also take part in an extremely individualized health and wellness program with Health and Wellness Director Ryan Barger. Here our guests begin the process of healing from the inside out. Nutrition and exercise are key parts of life for every human, veterans are no exception. Health and Wellness is an essential part of veteran growth and reconstruction which is why our guests graduate our program with a clear understanding of what a health body requires from both a nutritional and fitness aspect. 

Unfortunately many of our VetGR guest have experienced injuries that have left them with chronic pain. We have found that the proper use of medical grade LED Red Light therapy allows our guest to regain their ability to live relatively pain free. Medical grade LED Red Light therapy is both effective and expensive to the veterans which is why VetGR gifts every guest the best LED Red Light therapy divice on the market, the Paincare 300 by LET Care.

During the year long VetGR program our guests are able to take part in VetGR's High Performance Coaching program led by Jesse Johnson-Brower. This program is designed to help VetGR guests identify, and far surpass their life goals. VetGR's High Performance Coaching sets our guest up for massive success as they reenter the civilian world, no matter the direction.