Our Mission

VetGR is a pioneer in the non-profit space providing specialized counseling, therapy, and coaching for veteran’s families dealing with the many issues related to transitioning back into civilian life.

Jesse and Tara Johnson-Brower created this legacy organization for veterans and veterans families because they saw a need for advocacy. Many agencies promote and aid veteran centered programing, but the spouse and family remain in the shadows and voiceless. Jesse and Tara Johnson-Brower realized that the spouse and family are equally important to the veteran's success. 

The Johnson-Browers know first hand the struggles of transitioning back into civilian life. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, Jesse battled through over eight years of crippling Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Tara not only held their family together during this period of time, but she also focused on her own personal development. She grew stronger and more resourceful each and every day. She knew the only way her family could survive this season of life was by her carrying the burden of responsibilities herself while Jesse focused on healing himself. Most importantly SHE STAYED

Their success can be credited to many things, but one thing is certain: it took someone believing in them and showing them it's possible. Jesse and Tara Johnson-Brower have devoted their lives to helping people of all walks of life become the best "Them" they can be. VetGR is just that . . . a place for veterans and veteran families to gain the skills necessary to succeed in all areas of life. 

If you change, everything around you will change.
— Jim Rohn