Ryan Wieringa

Hospitality Director

Hospitality Director

Ryan Wieringa proudly sits as VetGR’s Hospitality Director. His ability to empathize with our VetGR guests, while continually pursuing VetGR’s incredibly high standards of hospitality made Ryan perfect for this position.

If you look hard, you can still see the Marine in Ryan. His ability to lead and take full control of a situation under pressure is unmistakably USMC. He has taken his military experiences, both stateside, and in theater, to grow himself into the professional he is today.

As a sophisticated investor, Ryan has already achieved a financial freedom seldom seen by individuals 3x his age. After donating over 1,400 volunteer hours at VetGR, he was gracious enough to provide us with our single largest financial gift to date. His gift was based on the belief and trust in VetGR, which allowed us to continue on our mission.

Ryan currently resides in the greater Grand Rapids area, and is now a full-time employee of VetGR.