“The friend who can be silent with us,…That is a friend who cares.” -Henri Nouwen

Did you know that some of your customers want your service, even prefer it above all others, and sometimes they prefer to receive it in silence utilizing only minimal conversation? 

VetGR, a service provider for combat veterans, is pleased to launch its "Quiet Customer" option. Now, you will have a way to honor those who prefer your services and prefer silence. 

Participating as a service provider is easy. Simply visit VetGR.org and use our easy signup for monthly donations, starting as low as $24 a month, as a "Quiet Customer" service provider. VetGR will list your business as a "Quiet Customer" service provider. A representative from VetGR will deliver a small countertop sign, which alerts customers that you offer the "Quiet Customer" option, and printed handouts for your employees. The VetGR representative will also conduct a very short Statement of Support signing. Your business will be promoted on the VetGR.org website as a business supporting veterans. It's just that simple.

Special thanks to the following businesses for their ongoing participation and financial support.

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