Single Gifts

$500 +

Traci Mostrom

Mary Olsen

Scott and Kari Overweg

John and Beth Roberts

Ryan and Andi Barger

Dee and Sharon Hutchins

Chad Langeland

Brian Nelson

Katie Fleming-Tiggleman

Bruce and Linda Lamphear

Willard Leenhouts

Arthur and Peggy Birdsley

Dave and Sharon Wieringa

Doug and Melinda Wieringa

Rosewood Auto Service

Re/Max Sunday Dinner Group

Charles and Terry Lynne Roossien

Lynn New

$1,000 +

Jerry and Jane Brower

Larry and Lynette Bruins

Karen Doornbos

Leon Hoeve

William and Roxanne Kersaan

Jason and Yvette West

Jeremy and JoAnn Schoen

Dave and Jean Brower

Stars and Stripes Roofing

Scott Burman

$2,000 +

Kateleen Balfoort

Lori Grysen

Nate Smith

Fellowship Reformed Church

Dave and Deb Wieringa

$15,000 +

Doug and Vicki Nyenhuis

Michael Mitchel