Beginning Steps 1-5

Thank you for taking part in the “Quiet Customer” option by VetGR. Your participation means everything to VetGR and our combat veterans. This short letter will walk you through the process of registering your company or organization, as well as implementing the “Quiet Customer” option in your location. 

First Step - Get Registered:

  • Visit and select donate.

  • Make sure you are selecting the monthly sponsorship. Tells our veterans "We Got You Covered” option. 

  • Select what level of support you feel comfortable donating to the recovery of our combat veterans. A $24/ month minimum is required to register as a “Quiet Customer” participant. 

  • Follow prompts through the donation process.

Second Step - Email

  • Email your company or organization logo and web address to

Third Step - Table Tent:

  • Place your “Quiet Customer” table tent in an area highly visible to your customers. 

Forth Step - Statement of Support:

  • Display your VetGR Statement of Support in a highly visible area to your customers. 

Fifth Step - VetGR Sticker:

  • Display your VetGR window sticker on an outside window.

Lastly, inform your employees. 

The “Quiet Customer” option is here to politely offer safety for individuals who would prefer your excellent service with silence. For many individuals the thought of interacting with others becomes overwhelming. Now these same individuals may feel comfort knowing you understand and care. 

Please educate your staff and insure the integrity of the “Quiet Customer” option is not put in jeopardy.