Project 250

VA Says 68,000 Vets Addicted to Opioid Painkillers

For far too long our veterans have been irresponsibly overmedicated by incompetent health care providers, causing a explosion in drug related problems across the board. Many veterans are now turning to the streets to feed their opioid addiction with illegal substances such as heroin. This abuse of opioids is now the leading cause of homelessness among our veterans today.

Are there any alternatives?

Many veterans are choosing holistic approaches to both mental and physical healing. It has been proven that LED Red Light therapy is an extremely beneficial aid to pain management, along with a host of other positive uses. In order for LED Red Light therapy to be beneficial a veteran must use a clinical grade device on a daily basis for weeks at a time. LED Red Light therapy treatments from a pain management specialist are typically 20 -30 treatments over a 40 day period at an average cost of $120 per visit which leaves a veteran with a $2,400 - $3,600 bill each time treatment is needed.

Project 250 permanently solves this problem! VetGR has partnered up with the leader in clinical grade LED Red Light therapy which will make it possible for us to gift 250 veterans the highest quality, at home clinical grade LED Red Light therapy at no cost to the veteran.

Are you a veteran in pain? Contact us today and be 1 of the 250.