I truly believe that all it takes is one person…just one person that believes in you.

There I was, three years old, hugging my big red bat oh so tight. All it took was my dad saying two sentences… “keep your eye on the ball” and “you can do it!” <WHACK> I swung that bat as hard as I could and must have kept my eye on the ball because that ball shot straight up the middle hitting my dad…you know where.;) 


 He believed in me…and he told me he did.


Do you have desires, dreams, ideas that just scare the heck out of you? For me it’s always been ideas that I’ve had as I would say I’m not much of a dreamer. This thing called doubt creeps in that offers some terrible advice…you’re not good enough, what a terrible idea, no one would find value in thatidea. But what if? What if it actually is a great idea? What if that idea was actually given to you by the One that I personally believe in…God. What if all of that doubt came from somewhere negative, like the enemy? 

Doubt takes you out of action but action takes you out of doubt!


We were all given gifts, talents, and crazy good ideas. Sometimes all we have to do is take that first step…even if we’re scared out of our mind to do so! When I started on my personal development journey a few years ago, I was able to open my eyes and reflect back on the specific people who believed in me long before I even started to believe in myself. Can you point back to anyone in your life? If so, what if you took a couple minutes and sent them a thank you? 

Dad, I know you’re reading this <you have no choice, you’re my dad;)> thank YOU! Thank you for believing in me back when I was three, obsessed with my big red bat…that’s where it all started….


Promise me this, the next time you hear and feel that nasty doubt start to creep in…remember that I BELIEVE IN YOU!


-tara johnson-brower

vice president