Have you ever had someone ask you how are you and you just stood there staring…back at them with a blank look on your face…speechless? I have. Quite frequently actually. 


How have you been?


Could this be because of my natural introverted-ness? Possibly. But what happened is I was answering people with, “I’m good” <insert deep breath in> “just busy”. My response seemed negative and the reaction I would receive back was one of the “oh you poor thing” nature. I didn’t like it. So I flipped the switch. Now, when someone asks me how I'm doing I don’t  even hesitate…my answer is usually, “I’m good and being productive.” Doesn’t productive sound so much better? 


Productive > Busy


Switching the word busy to productive changed my whole mindset. Instead of this daunting to-do busy list I now can sort my productivity into a clear, intentional priority list. It’s sometimes crazy to me on how making small changes can lead to other small changes that can eventually rock your world…for the better. So, the next time you're feeling like you can’t take on one more thing, remind yourself how productive you're being. Maybe try this…the next time someone asks you how you're doing? Answer with something like  “I’m being productive!” and see how you feel. It just may lift your shoulders up and back a bit while an “I got this” smirk slowly sneaks across your face.:)


      “When in doubt, say no. Don’t let your mouth overload your back.” 

~jim rohn


Have a great week and hope to see you at VetGR’s 1st Annual Benefit on Thursday February 21!


-tara johnson-brower