It’s Monday.

How does that simple, two word sentence make you feel? 

Some of you may have let out a long sigh…maybe your shoulders dropped a bit. What about those people who smile all of the time and they're so…positive…even on a Monday. 


Are you one of those people?


Sorry to say but I was not. Emphasis on was. It’ll sound funny but I felt like it was ground hogs day…Every. Single. Day. I had a toddler, a baby, and a husband who was suffering through things I could not relate to. Not to mention we had financial issues that definitely kept me from resting peacefully at night. So when Monday’s came we just survived…survived another week now on to the next.


What changed?


For me personally, I just didn’t want to become bitter and I definitely didn’t want resentment to build in my heart like it did in my early 20’s. So I decided to make a change…in myself. You see, we can only control what we do and how we react to things. The biggest change I made was to be in control of what goes in my mind at the very start of my day…we call it start strong in our house. It’s simple. Super simple. So simple that you may want to try it for yourself tomorrow.:) 


Here’s what my morning looks like. I wake up, chug my nutrition, grab a cup of decaf, head into my office, sit in my “reading chair”, and then I open up a short devotional. After I'm done with my reading I spend a couple minutes just me and the big Guy…God. All of this takes less than 15 minutes. Who can do that? Anybody can. Maybe for you it will be that you listen to a motivational speaker on Youtube, maybe it’ll be reading a few pages in a book. Whatever it is, I highly suggest that it’s something positive…something that will bring out the best in you. I’m warning you though, your days may start to look a bit more positive if you decide to stay intentional with this small shift in the start of your day. You may even start to become one of those people…you know, the ones who love Mondays and are all smiley and stuff. 


“You don’t have to get it perfect,
you just have to get it started…”


Thank you for reading…now go out and crush this day!


-tara johnson-brower