Back in 2015 I had a conversation with someone. They were asking me if I wanted to stay where I was at…with my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my businesses. It didn’t take long for a firm “no” to fly out of my mouth. The next words were…”then you're going to have to pick up some books, you're going to want to make some intentional changes in your day to day”. 


To be honest, I didn’t think that I needed to develop myself. My mindset was…we have a different family dynamic with my husband suffering from post-war trauma, we have had to battle through things that most couldn't imagine, I’m tough, nothing can rattle me. That WAS my mindset…quite fixed if you ask me. 


  Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset


How is your mindset? Fixed? Growth? My boys have recently been learning about growth mindset at school which makes me smile from ear to ear! 


Once I started reading, even listening to good…my mindset, my outlook on life changed. I began to see the world through what seemed to be a whole new set of eyes. I learned to be proactive rather than reactive, I learned how to actively listen to my husband and my boys, I learned how to discipline my disappointments which was like a breath of fresh air if you are someone that understands the many ups and even more downs when dealing with trauma. 


Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you need to start to make small positive changes? Do you desire to be a different person a year from now? 


         “You take care of you for me and I’ll take care of me for you.”

                                                                                                                  ~Jim Rohn


I look forward to beginning this growth journey with you…my hope is you'll find one tool that will be beneficial to you.


-tara johnson-brower