Proudly serving our Nation’s Veterans, active Reservists and National Guard, First Responders and their families.

“Get Your Hopes Up”


Welcome home

The VetGR counseling center offers our veterans, first responders and their families the very best in every aspect of counsel and coaching as they carve out their new life of significance.

“VetGR’s counseling center is a place where veterans, first responders, and their families can resurrect significance and purpose in their lives once again.”

  • Tara Johnson-Brower - VetGR Vice President


your war, stateside

War is Hell! War shows us the ugliest side of humanity, and war invites us to fight. Have you returned from war a different person? We can help…

There is hope and a feeling that I have someone in my corner at VetGR. They show a level of respect and understanding that I haven’t found anywhere else in the private sector.”

  • David Velthouse - VetGR Guest


your transition

Transitioning back into civilian life is unique to every veteran. We offer a wide range of free services to make your transition enjoyable and successful.

“…The atmosphere is open and inviting. There isn’t judgment from anyone, and little to no conversations about past service experiences. The growth comes from knowing where you are going, and not being stuck in the past.”

  • Jake Kalkman - VetGR Guest



Become empowered by your past service experiences, and let your DD214 be your ticket. We have a community of donors, partners, and employees who will show you how.

“VetGR made me want to try again, and that means more to me than anything.” 

  • Bruce Selleck - VetGR Guest


your journey

Every day our VetGR guests are working to better themselves by personal development and ambitious goal setting. Where do you see yourself? Together, we will celebrate your accomplishments while you achieve your personal greatness. Get your hopes up.

" The Support I have received at VetGR has made me stronger physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally…The best is yet to come.”

  • Bill Host - VetGR Guest


your transportation

You will always be given the very best while being a guest of ours. We will never overlook you or take you for granted. Being transported is the least we should do.

“I know what VetGR has done for me…For the first time since I was in the Marines, I feel like I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing and that gives me a level of peace that is invaluable.”

  • Ryan Wieringa - VetGR Guest


Can we make it?

Are you in a relationship with a struggling combat veteran? We provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to discuss and grow.

This program is for women only.

“VetGR’s She Will Stay program has been so impactful in my marriage. These women are so strong! It takes strength to be in our shoes, and it takes strength to seek guidance and support. I am the wife of a combat veteran overcoming PTS and I will stay.”

  • Anonymous - VetGR, She Will Stay Guest


we are on scene

Do you deal with high stress and trauma on the job? We depend on our first responders to keep us safe in our community, and now we have the opportunity to return the favor.

“I’m still on the job. After nearly 20 years working as a Police Officer I have been in many extremely dangerous, and stressful situations. I love my job, which is why I wanted to stay mentally healthy and sharp. VetGR far exceeded my expectations. Their PTSGR counseling has been a real game changer for me. In my opinion, VetGR is the best in addressing PTS and should be a resource for every first responder.”

  • West Michigan Police Officer - VetGR Guest


Live, pain free

Do you suffer from chronic pain? VetGR has partnered up with the very best in the LED Red Light industry, and health and wellness to bring relief to our suffering veterans.

Since enrolling into VetGR my life has drastically improved. I feel a sense of pride about myself again. I can hold my head high and be proud of what I’ve accomplished, but most importantly, I feel excited for the future! VetGR has given me a new life!”

  • Derek Wieringa - VetGR Guest


feel well, live well

Don’t neglect your body. Studies show that your mental health is greatly impacted by your physical health. The majority of Americans are overly medicated, malnourished, and overweight.


“When I first entered law enforcement I was in my young 20’s and in the best shape of my life. Recently, after over 20 years on the job I found myself physically beat down and fat. VetGR’s Health and Wellness program has really helped me get back in shape and feeling strong again.”

  • Federal Special Agent - VetGR Guest



Buy some gear, help a veteran…its a WIN WIN!


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Matthew Alan Trim Memorial fund.

He may be gone, but his children remain. 100% of gifts designated to the Matthew Alan Trim Fund will go directly to the support of his three wonderful children.

“Matt had a heart to help others. No matter what he was struggling with himself he would always be there for a brother.

  • Mitch Roberts - VetGR Guest